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    Press Release: Active International Appoints Chief Digital Officer, Invests In Programmatic Ad Buying


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    Bartering Across Borders

    Corporate trade can streamline your supply chain in today's global economy.

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    Why can't we be friends?

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    The Basics of Corporate Trade Using Barter to Unlock Value

    Companies today need tools that provide flexible solutions for managing the inevitable excess inventory that results from forecasting miscalculations, supply chain disruptions, or shifting consumer preferences. Consequently, many such companies are turning to corporate trade (at times referred to as “barter”). When used strategically, it can address surplus, mitigate the impact of poor forecasting, and make the movement of inventory more efficient.

  • C-Sweet or C-Suites?

    According to a recent survey from Active International, CEOs can best achieve business success by harnessing the combined expertise and skills of the company’s C-suite. Yet, to move at a fast enough speed to keep up with the accelerating business environment, it is imperative that the entire team is on the same page, meaning that alignment within the C-suite is critical to a CEO’s success.