April 27, 2021

Travel Insider – April 2021

News, insights and trends from Active's Travel Team, Advisory Board, clients and industry leaders along with spotlights on the latest products and accommodations available through Active.



Overcoming the COVID-19 Storm - Improvement on the Horizon 
We recently had a conversation with Roger Pollak, Executive Vice President & CFO at Island Hospitality. Roger has been a longtime friend, business partner and a current member of the Active Travel Advisory Board. Read some of Roger's insights into the current state of the hospitality industry here.

Roger Pollack



Cruise Lines Really Want You Back 
Cruising is coming back after a long hiatus. What can you expect when you step back onboard? Click here to read more.  

Hotel Changes That Will Stay 
Hilton CEO advises which amenities will stay and which will go forever due to the pandemic. How will you feel when things you took for granted during your stay are no longer there? Click here to read more.


CDC Says it's OK to Travel if You've Been Vaccinated
According to latest U.S. travel guidelines, fully vaccinated Americans can now travel safely without having to quarantine or test for COVID. International travel, however, is a different story. Click here to find out




Sustainability and ESG Compliance Products 
Active has several new and innovative products that can be incorporated into your existing electrical system, heating system, and cooling towers. These products range from plug and play equipment for your cooling towers to new surge protection equipment that reduces kwh usage. Through our Active Advantage program, we give you access to innovative technology that will help reduce corrosion, while also reducing the effects of chemicals discharged into the environment. Click here for details.  




Change Fees - Are They on Their Way Back? 
At the height of the pandemic, airlines provided relief from change fees. But as travelers get back on planes, what can we expect when plans need to be changed? Click here to read more.


What to Expect When Negotiating Hotel Contracts?  
Group bookings are finally happening. Click here to discover the most important thing to remember when negotiating a hotel contract.


Cell Phone Apps Could Help Accelerate the Return of Las Vegas Events
Las Vegas travelers to trade show and conventions are likely to be more confident about showing up at properties equipped with health data stored on their cell phones. Click here to read more




If You Haven't Made Plans for Memorial Day, You May be too Late 
You may be surprised at the price increases and low availability to popular summer travel destinations. Click here to read more.  


Fairmount El San Juan Launches Custom "Do-Over" Event Packages
Are you feeling like you've missed out on celebrating marriages, anniversaries, or family reunions in the past year? One hotel is stepping up to help their guests have a "do-over" of their 2020 missed celebrations. Click here to read more


Where to Take the Family This Summer
After the year we've all had, planning a summer family vacation to look forward to is imperative. Now the question is where to go?  Click here for more information




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