July 21, 2021

Travel Insider - July 2021

News, insights and trends from Active's Travel Team, Advisory Board, clients and industry leaders along with spotlights on the latest products and accommodations available through Active.



Travel Industry Rebounds
We recently had a conversation with Mike Deitemeyer, President & CEO of Aimbridge Hospitality. Mike is a longtime friend, and a member of the Active Travel Advisory Board. Read to see Mike's on-going vision for Aimbridge and the Hospitality Business here



C-Suite Survey on Travel
A recent survey with C-Suite leaders found personal contact is a priority as business travel begins to rebound. Click here to read more. 

Tips for Your Next Cruise
There are a host of new things to look out for before booking your next cruise departing from the U.S. Click here to read more.

Lifting Travel Restrictions - Taking it to The White House
A group of industry providers are urging the administration to lift the travel restrictions and bans to the U.S.  Click here to read more. 

Hospitality Workers Will Not Return
With the upheaval in the industry during the pandemic, many hospitality workers have decided they will not return to the industry.  Click here to read more. 




Active International has helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, and management companies acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Active is pleased to announce a new partnership with Signature Flooring, a leading manufacturer of carpets and floor coverings for the Hospitality and Commercial markets. Click here to read more about our new partnership. 




Incentive Travel - What to be on the Lookout For 
With pent up demand and company leadership looking to reward their teams, incentive travel is having a resurgence. Click here to read more. 

Tips for Your Organization as Travel Starts Again 
The travel world we lived in has dramatically changed since the pandemic. To move forward and bring back business travel, here are some tips to help you navigate. Click here to read more. 

Be Prepared for Your Meetings
As a planner you always expect the unexpected. Here are tips on how to prepare now for meetings in the future. Click here to read more. 



Are Longer Trips the New Trend? 
People are looking to travel longer now for a variety of reasons. From cancellation credits, to savings realized by working from home, using extra PTO time, longer travel is on the rise. Click here to read more. 


Travel Insurance Are You Covered? 
Since the pandemic it's recommended that you purchase travel insurance before your next trip. A simple policy is no longer what you need to look for. Click here to read more



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