June 22, 2021

Travel Insider - June 2021

News, insights and trends from Active's Travel Team, Advisory Board, clients and industry leaders along with spotlights on the latest products and accommodations available through Active.



Consistency is Always the Best Policy 
We recently had a conversation with Rob Palleschi, Chief Executive Officer at G6 Hospitality. Rob has been a longtime friend, business partner and a current Steering Committee member of the Active Travel Advisory Board. Read how Rob and team stood true to their model throughout the COVID-19 crisis here



Testifying to Bring Back Tourism
Senators and witnesses are speaking on the challenges that still remain in the travel industry and how to navigate through them. Click here to read more. 


Mask Guidelines While Cruising
Should I, can I, do I? The question is out there, "Do I need to wear a mask on my cruise?" Click here to read more.

Hotels Struggling to Staff Up
Restrictions are being lifted, leisure travel is increasing, and hotels are finding it tough to staff their hotels after the pandemic. Click here to read more. 

International Travel and Creating Jobs
WTTC is saying it is possible to create more than 2 million jobs if international travel opens before the busy summer season. Click here to read more. 




Active International has helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, and management companies acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Active is pleased to announce a new partnership with Medify Air, a woman owned manufacturer of commercial grade air purifiers with the power of HEPA H13 filters in every unit. Click here to read more about our new partnership. 




Avoiding Change and Cancellation Fees When You Fly
Now that air travel is increasing those change and cancellation fees are coming back. When booking your next flight there are a few tips to look out for. Click here to read more. 

Shifting Business Travel Patterns 
With the return of business travel, corporate decision makers are balancing their staff that works from home, while maintaining their safety when back on the road. Click here to read more. 

Defining Hybrid Meetings
The definition means something different to each organization, but it does not need to be as complicated as you think. Click here to read more. 



Some People Have Forgotten How to Travel Respectfully 
It has been awhile since we've all traveled and many people have forgotten their travel "manners." It is not everyone, but they are out there. Click here to read more. 


Jet Blue's New Mint Studio
Even though it has been around for 8 years the Mint cabin has been revamped. Clic
k here to read and see more about the transformation. 



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