Media Capabilities

A Strategic Process Maximizes Results

We create audiences through our deep understanding of your brand and the consumer experience. We model product and service affinity to identify and target the audiences we create. We deliver greater efficiencies through our trading model and adtech platform. Our best-in-class digital media agency, iNvolved Media, creates performance-driven, custom solutions across digital, social, and programmatic.

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Data & Analytics

Data and Analytics are fundamental cornerstones of how we approach and support our clients’ marketing practices and achieve their end business goals. Data is used to analyze business challenges, guide marketing strategy and tactics, and ultimately to measure how well we’re doing our jobs.

Strategy & Planning

Full immersion in a brand’s identity with deep, cross-platform audience analysis better informs strategy, ensuring that efforts align with objectives.  Active’s proprietary planning tool comprises an AI based technology stack that utilizes client and third-party data for statistical modeling to identify high value prospects.  We build scale through affinity to services and products which allows for predictive modeling, audience segmentation, media consumption and media mix determination – continually optimized through our proprietary multi-touch attribution platform.


Our national expertise span Video, Audio, OOH, Print and Digital.  We offer a unique perspective on the national media landscape driven by our desire to create efficiency through understanding the consumer experience and deployment of our trading model.

Our negotiating philosophy is rooted in three core values:  Integrity, Data Informed Integration and always Striving for More.

  • Earning the trust of our partners enables us to offer clients exclusive opportunities not available elsewhere.
  • Data informed integration allows the team to pivot between mediums in order to deliver our clients’ KPIs in ways that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. 
  • We reverse engineer the conversation with the media community to demonstrate that individual client leverage is of the utmost importance for you to earn every cent of added value that your dollars command.


Our specialists fully immerse themselves into the grassroots environment of the market 52 weeks a year, drawing on the local consumer dynamic which amplifies media impact.  While they are experts in their core disciplines, they are also skilled in complementary disciplines allowing for fully integrated local proposals delivering exceptional value to our clients. 


Our full-service digital buying capabilities at iNvolved Media, a wholly-owned subsidiary, include Display, Video, Audio, Native, Social, Programmatic, and Search. We deploy media solutions that not only meet your marketing goals, but empower you to go beyond them. We offer expert execution of full-funnel digital media campaigns to exceed awareness, lead generation, and conversion objectives. Our team strategically aligns targeted and creative messaging with campaign objectives to curate messaging at every stage. We use media data, audience data, and campaign data collectively to improve your return on ad spend and deliver more relevant messages, to help you reach and maintain an ongoing, relevant discussion between your brand and your customer.