Real Estate Capabilities

Environmental Issues

Many companies lack a complete environmental profile of their surplus properties. We work with clients to address a variety of environmental challenges.

  • Environmental testing. Under client guidance, we conduct environmental tests at our expense. When environmental issues arise, we then work with the client to develop a solution that does not adversely impact the closing, its timing, or title transfer.
  • Environmental insurance. For properties with open regulatory issues or a history of industrial uses, we consult with insurance brokers and underwriters to obtain environmental insurance.
  • Regulatory closure. We know how to acquire properties with open regulatory issues, resolved those issues, and provided an environmental indemnity to the client.

Fee Simple Properties

When you’ve been unable to achieve a target valuation using traditional marketing methods, turn to us. We purchase fee simple properties at target, book, or appraised value.
Valuation. Working with brokers, we rely on our expertise to offer realistic “as is” property valuations, including expected market time frames and projected value enhancements.

  • Due diligence. We conduct industry-standard due diligence on title, survey, environmental, and other related matters at our own expense, and share results with clients.
  • Entitlements. We routinely take on the responsibility and expense of seeking a change in zoning or subdivision to help remove a stranded property from your books.
  • Closing. Once a purchase agreement is executed, our flexible business models assures clients of the certainty of close.


We help address the challenges presented by surplus leaseholds.

  • Leasehold termination. We create funds clients can use to terminate surplus leases, including cash to bridge the gap between a mandatory leasehold termination payment and what the client is willing to pay.
  • Financial recapture. When a leasehold termination is not feasible, we provide full leasehold payments, effectively making the client whole, regardless of the sublet market.